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Hot Fill Bottle

  PET Hot Fill Bottle BOPP Hot Fill Bottle
Temperature 85-930C <=1000C
Shelf Life <=14 days several years
Cost BOPP bottle is 20% lower than PET bottle
Stability Good Good
Obstruct Good So so. But it can be improved via BO.
Stretch Strength High  
Tenacity Fairly good  
Transparency Very good Good
Shine Good So so. But it can be improved via BO.
Moisture Absorption Easy No
Bottle Production  
  • 2-stage method adopted.

  • No need to be dried before injection.

  • Crystallization of preform neck is not needed.

  • Difficult to be cleaned.

  • Weak resistance to corrosive detergent.

  • Can not bear high temperature sterilization.


  • No action needed to increase its viscosity while recycling. Easy to be recycled.

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