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PET Preform Neck Finish


30/25 Low (16.8mm) neck-finish 30/25 High (18.5mm) neck-finish 48/40 neck-finish
30/25 Low (16.8mm) 30/25 High (18.5mm) 48/40 neck-finish
Commonly for 16-42gms Commonly for 16-42gms Commonly for 5L and above

CSD (Carbonated Soft Drink)

Standard BPF neck-finish Standard PCO neck-finish
Standard BPF Standard PCO
(For plastic closure only)
Commonly for 16-47gms Commonly for 16-47gms

Edible Oil

Dropless neck-finish Standard neck-finish
Dropless neck-finish Standard neck-finish
Commonly for 22-32gms Commonly for 53.5-70gms


DIN28 ( 28 mm ) neck-finish 29/23 neck-finish
DIN28 ( 28 mm ) neck-finish 29/23 neck-finish
Commonly for 28-42gms Commonly for 36gms
100 Neck Finish 400 Neck Finish 410 Neck Finish
Primarily for detergent bottles for pop-up/flip-up type closures (Commonly 34~47g for 28/100) Primarily for trigger sprayers, and closures with a short 'H' dimension (Commonly 36~47g for 28/400, 48~57g for 33/400) For household and cosmetic bottles requiring a taller 'H' dimension for longer threads, or taller closure to complement optics of entire package (Commonly 20~23g for 24/410, 36~48g for 28/410)


415 Neck Finish Alcoa Neck Finish KERR Neck Finish
Primarily for cosmetic products where a tall 'H' dimension is required to accomodate tall closures (Commonly 31~48g for 28/415) Created to accomodate a metal sleeve, and then formed to fit a thread design to withstand internal pressure associated with carbonated beverages. This finish will accomodate most plastic closures also (commonly 22~53g for 28/Alcoa, 43~87g for 38/Alcoa) Commonly used in the liquor industry. Limited use for cosmetic and household containers (Commonly 39g for 28/KER, 83~97g for 33/KER)


RICAL Neck Finish    
Commonly used for the edible oil trade. Has both an inside/outside sealing surface (Commonly 41g for 29/RIC, 46~50g for 32/RIC)    


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