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Blow Mold

H.S.Code: 8480.7900.90
  • PET Blow Mold12 years' experience on making blowing mold;
  • OEM bottle design;
  • Quick delivery;
  • Over 380 molds exported per year (since 1995);
  • Guarantee of quality and service life;
  • Keeping document for each mold.
 Extrusion Blow Mold (made of Mg-Al Alloy) Mg-Al Alloy Extrusion Blow Mold

Common Extrusion Blow Mold (made of P20 steel) Common Extrusion Blow Mold (made of P20 steel)

5 Gallon PET Blow Mold 5 Gallon PET Blow Mold on Machine

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