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Position Display Always Same
  1. Check DC15V;
  2. Check the wiring of transducer (wrong connection, short-circuit and open-circuit);
  3. Check whether the resistance of transducer changes with position;
  4. Measure the voltage between 1 and 3 of transducer. The voltage should be 10V;
  5. Change AD board.
Position Display Abnormal Fluctuation
  1. Refer to D1c and check;
  2. If the length of transducer is over 650mm, transducer should be isolated with machine body, and connect the shell of transducer to earth to avoid external disturbing signal.
  3. Discontinual fluctuation( fluctuate sometimes), check the plug is well plugged and contact well.
  4. Change the transducer;
  5. Change AD board.
Cannot Reach Preset Position
  1. Make sure there is no short-circuit with the wiring of transducer plug.
  2. Measure the input voltage of transducer. If voltage less than 10V, change AD board.
  3. Check if the real length of transducer is accord with named length.
  4. Adjust the variable resistance on AD board, check if the position is enough.
  5. If one transducer (for injection unit and clamping unit) can be set, the other one no, reset the one can not set to zero.
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