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No Heating Up
  1. Temperature normal, but no heating up:
    • In temperature window, observe if "+" or "*" appears. If no, check temperature setting is correct. For DCS-220/230, the short-circuit ring is removed or not.
    • If yes, but still no heating. Observe heating LED indicator of each zone is on or not. If no, change DA-TEMP.
    • If yes, check SSR wiring circuit is normal or not, one-pole switch is on or off.
    • If above is OK, measure if the heating band is power on or off. If off, check the wiring from electricity cabinet to heating band. If on, change the heating band.
    • Heating indicator on, but no heating, check +24V is normal of not (for S260/262 computer controller).
  2. Temperature too higher, no heating, refer to B1 and short-circuit all the interfaces of interaction wires, if still abnormal, change DA-TEMP or CPU.
  3. Set the temperature again and check heating is OK or not.
  4. Heating switch indicator shuts off automatically, check PWR or switch power.
  5. Check the time relay on the convert board is damaged or not, printing circuit is OK or not.
Temperature too High
  1. Power off the heating band, temperature too high: the reason is that the shearing action of raw material by screw and barrel leads to high temperature. Use a fan to cool the barrel. If the temperature of one zone is too high, can also lead to high temperature to nearby zones.
  2. Start heating, temperature still goes up when the temperature reaches its preset value. This is caused by thermo-delay, can be normal during normal production, or enlarge the temperature buffer.
  3. Temperature reaches preset value, but the power is not cut-off:
    • Check the wiring is correct, TEMPRLY is OK?
    • Remove the 8P cable from DA-TEMP, and measure if the power is still on.
  4. Temperature display doesn't change with real temperature. Refer to B1 and check, change DA-TEMP and check the short-circuit ring is removed.
  5. The contact tip of contactor is damaged?
Temperature too Low
  1. Refer to "Temperature No Display, or Displays Zero" and check;
  2. Change the interaction wire of this zone;
  3. Maybe caused by the material of barrel, decrease the temperature buffer. If problem still happens, maybe the heating power is not enough, increase the heating power.
Temperature Display Breakdown
Temperature No Display, or Displays Zero
  1. Power off, check DA-TEMP and CPU are normal or not. If they're drenched by water or oil, or burnt, change them.
  2. Make sure the power supply is OK;
  3. make sure that thermocouple is well plugged, and positive/negative poles correct;
  4. Remove DA-TEMP, 6P and 8P cable, measure the resistance between all AC/DC power and machine body (>1M OK).
  5. Power on, measure if there is electricity leakage of machine body by AC:
    • Machine body should be connected to earth, better to bury a brass rod(>=dia.2cm) into earth 50cm;
    • Measure by ACx1000. one end to damp earth, the other end to machine body, to check if there is electricity leakage.
  6. Plug DA-TEMP, but don't plug the cable, power on and observe if there is temperature display. If yes, check if there is short-circuit or electricity leakage of SSR;
  7. If no, remove the interaction wire of DA-TEMP, short-circuit their two interfaces and observe if there is temperature display. If yes, check or change the interaction wire;
  8. If no, change DA-TEMP or TEMPEXT, and check +5V power is OK.

Temperature Display Abnormal

  1. Refer to "Temperature No Display, or Displays Zero" and check;
  2. Emphasis:
    • Short-circuit between power supply and machine body? Computer controller OK?
    • Interaction wire well connected? Check by direct short-circuit.
    • Machine body electricity leakage?
  3. Above is OK, change DA-TEMP, or CPU;
  4. Check if the short-circuit ring on DA-TEMP is short-circuit?
  5. Temperature display pulsates, check interaction wire is fixed, interaction head is fixed tightly?
  6. This can happen when external temperature too low.

Temperature Display "777"

  1. Measure if there is power input for DA-TEMP, check T1010AS;
  2. Check if there are two AC10V in the 3P cable from T1010AS, if no, check power input of AV220V. If problem still exists, change temperature board.
  3. For S-260/262, if can be heated up, change the CPU board.

Temperature Display "888"

  1. This is caused by no power input for detect tip of thermocouple, check if there is open-circuit of thermocouple wiring. If yes, change it.
  2. Still problem, change temperature board or thermocouple input board(S-260/262).
  3. Check if the thermocouple wire is connected reverse, the backup short-circuit ring on temperature control board is plugged or not(DCS220/230). For S262, if the thermocouple wire is connected reverse, room temperature will be displayed instead of alarm.
Temperature Display "999"
  1. Temperature is over 3990C(maximum temperature available);
  2. Refer to "No Heating Up" and check;
  3. Check thermocouple is connected reverse or not?
  4. Check heating wiring if AC is correct.
Temperature Breakdown
  1. Make sure that all the fuses are not burnt, switch power is not damaged;
  2. Switch off the power, use Rx10K(resistance) of Multi-Purpose Meter to make sure there is no short-circuit between AC220V and DC, no short-circuit between DC, no short-circuit between DC and machine body;
  3. If input to AC exists, measure if there is output from DC (or DC converter) by DCX30V. If DC no output, replace switch power. If DC ok:
    • Observe whether controller works well (LED1 is twinkling or not). If controller doesn't work, change CPU or EPROM chip.
    • LED1 twinkling, but LED2 not, check the communication of RS232;
    • If RS232 cable OK, check the CPU under the panel is working or not (indicator on). If not, change the panel.
  4. Measure the power input of CPU (+5V, should be between +5.0V and +5.15V). If the voltage is not enough, adjust the variable resistance inside switch power;
  5. If still not OK, make sure that EPROM chip is plugged well and try again;
  6. Replace CPU board, try again;
  7. Display should be OK, check the action is OK or not;
  8. The resistance among COMs of different group, between COM and machine body should be over 1 (Rx10);
  9. Make sure that the cable between controller and panel is correctly plugged.
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