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Sudden Stop during Operation
  1. Check if there is breakdown or electricity leakage with H24V, H38V. And connect parallel an electric arc absorber with the wire of AC contactor. (When panel display always one action and no stop, also refer to this method).
  2. Action classification:
    • Mid-stop during mold open: check MOLD-OPEN-END;
    • Mid-stop during mold close: check MOLD-CLOSE-HIGH-PESSURE, MOLD-CLOSE-END, the pressure of flow of MOLD-PROTECT is zero or not.
    • Mid-stop during injection: check H24V, H38V.
    • Mid-stop during charge: check CHARGE-END.
  3. If use transducer to control position, observe the reading of transducer during no action. For 30cm or less long transducer, the fluctuation should not be over +/-0.5mm; for 35-75cm, +/-1.0mm. Otherwise check wiring for transducer, check if there is short-circuit with machine body.
  4. If the voltage between 24PH and COMPH is less than 24V, ER2 and ER12 may happen.
Machine Reboot
  1. Check wiring for power supply
    • Refer to technical drawings and check wiring for power supply, measure if there is short-circuit between power supply and machine body, measure the output voltage of power supply is normal.
    • Measure the voltage of AC power is stable(220V). If no, install an extra AC1000 voltage stabilizer.
    • +5V on PWR should be within 5.05-5.15V. If not enough, adjust the output of power supply.
    • If PWR can not be adjusted, change the two wires(+5V, GND) between controller and PWR into dia.2mm, less than 50cm long.
    • If +5V voltage unstable, connect parallel a 4700uf/25V electric capacity between +5V and GND.
    • If no enough output from PWR, change it.
  2. Check operation panel
    • Deal with AC, DC and signal cable separately.
    • Remove the reset wire and check whether the machine can reboot or not, and connect parallel a 1uf electric capacity between DC and COM(system reset interface).
  3. Make sure that the cable is well plugged into CPU/IO board. Knock interface and observe if this will lead to above breakdown. If yes, clean the interface of CPU/IO by ethyl alcohol, plug and try again.
  4. Check if Electric Arc Absorber is connected parallel to all contactors.
  5. For APC-3000, when reset SEMI-AUTO mode to MANUAL mode, motor displays OFF, but in fact the motor is ON. Check the emergency stop wire under operation panel is short-circuit or not, or connected to machine body. And the CPU of 3000B can not bear high temperature, this breakdown may happen in summer. Change CPU.
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