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Keyboard Failure
  1. Check if there is short-circuit or open-circuit; contact OK; if there is short-circuit in wiring between keyboard and controller, refer to internal diagnostics and check the keys work well.
  2. No data setting, check power input +12V;
  3. Data setting locker is OK?
  4. CPU is well plugged?
  5. Due to shock, S-260/262 keyboard no action, and panel displays only one window, but machine works OK, and machine OK after reboot the machine. Change CPU.
  6. Input IC of controller is damaged, change CPU.
Data Save Failure
  1. Check if the data set (input) key acts or not. Measure the switch interface under the panel by meter.
  2. Check 6264RAM is fixed.
  3. Check the voltage of battery on CPU is over 3.5V or not. If less than 3.5V and the voltage decreases according to time, change battery or CPU.
Data Changed Unexpectedly
  1. Check power is OK or not, especially +5V must be accord with regulation.
  2. Measure the voltage of battery (should be over 3.5V);
  3. Refer to operation manual and make correct data setting, when copy mold, please note the mold number will be copied to should be reserved or not. Otherwise this mold number will be replaced by new data.
  4. Check window should be changed as will, otherwise will lead to unstable action or wrong action.
  5. Change CPU.
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