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No Action, No Display
  1. Fuse, Switch Power?
    Make sure that all the fuses are not burnt, switch power is not damaged;
  2. Short-circuit. Open-circuit?
    Turn off the power, make sure (by Rx10K of Multi-Purpose Meter) there is no short-circuit between AC220V and DC, no short-circuit between DC, no short-circuit between DC and machine body;
  3. DC Output?
    If input to AC exists, measure if there is output from DC (or DC converter) by DCX30V. If DC no output, replace switch power. If DC ok:
  4. Input Voltage to CPU is DC5V?
    Should be between +5.0 ~ +5.15V. If the voltage is not enough, adjust the variable resistance inside switch power;
  5. EPROM Chip well Plugged?
    If still not OK, make sure that EPROM chip is plugged well and try again;
  6. Replace CPU board, try again;
  7. Display should be OK, check the action is OK or not;
  8. The resistance among COMs of different group, between COM and machine body should be over 1 (Rx10);
  9. Make sure that the cable between controller and panel is correctly plugged.
No Action, But Display OK
  1. Make sure that all the fuses are not burnt, switch power is not damaged;
  2. Make sure that the plug between H24 and HCOM is well plugged, H24V(for valve) OK, H38V(for proportional valve) OK;
  3. Make sure that all plugs are well plugged, controller works well(LED1 twinkling), RS232 communication well(LED2 twinkling);
  4. Check if manual action is sent to controller (action, pressure, flow). If not, check if the wiring on the panel is short-circuit or open-circuit(refer to SPAN window of computer controller).
    P.S.: +5V behind the panel of DCS-220/230 is short-circuit.
  5. If input OK, but still no action, check VIO-32 and the ampere meters for pressure and flow.
    • Ampere meters display OK, VIO-32 board no output:
      Check H24V. If H24V OK, check 37P cable is well plugged. Refer to SPAN window and check each PC port's output is OK.
    • Display OK, directional valves OK, ampere meters no:
      Check H38V enters controller or not. If yes, check the wiring of proportional valves. Check if there is voltage between S+ and S-, P+ and P-. If no, change DA board (take care the wiring +/-) or CPU board.
    • Display OK, VIO-32 no, ampere meters no:
      Check as per above two steps, otherwise change CPU board.
Action OK, But No Display
  1. DCS220/230: +5V is normal or not;
    S260/262: MMI+24V is normal or not(+23.5V~+24.5V);
    APC-3000: +12V for display is normal or not(+11.7V~+13V), adjust BRIGHT knob and BACKGROUND BRIGHT (SUB-BRIGHT) knob and observe whether the light is on or not;
  2. Make sure that the cable from CPU board to display is well plugged, no open-circuit.
    APC-3000: after power on, LED8 twinkling means CPU works well, LED7 lights on means display OK;
  3. Change CPU board;
  4. Change display and adjust brightness and vertical to optimum.
Specific Single Action Can Not Be Performed
  1. Make sure first that data setting (pressure, flow, time, number, function, position, etc) is correct;
  2. Are pressure and flow of action displayed?
    • Yes:
      If both display "0", refer to SPAN window, check PB input is OK or not. Switch on all switches and check if there is abnormal signal input. Remove 37P cable from VIO-32 board, if there is still signal input, this means I/O breakdown. If no, external wiring breakdown.
      If both display normally, refer to "No Action, But Display OK";
    • No:
      Check the wiring of operation panel and data setting of this action.
    • Check if the reading of transducer changes with real position.
  3. Manual breakdown classification: (make sure first that each action switch is working).

    For above breakdowns, try low speed action under MOLD-ADJUST mode, and check data setting is OK or not.

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