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Plastic Crusher / Granulator

H.S.Code: 8477800000
  • Plastic Crusher model SLN50DThe rotary & stationary blades are designed to have both edges sharpened which doubles the life of the blade.
  • The hight quality hopper is composed of thick stainless steel and sound absorbing material to reduce the noise level.
  • The machine body is well covered again to reduce noise level. (low noise level).
  • Steel granular screen makes cleaning & servicing easy.
  • The extra thin steel granular screen enable the smooth float of granule.
  • The granule receiving bin allows auto-loading of granule.Plastic Crusher model SLN200D
Model SLN50D SLN100D SLN150D SLN200D SLN300D
Motor Power (Hp) 5.5 (3Æ) 10 (3Æ) 15 (3Æ) 20 (3Æ) 30-50 (3Æ)
Granulating Size (mm) 275x230 385x250 440x330 550x320 675x500
(5G Bottle)
No. of Rotating Blade (pcs.) 15 21 24 30 39
No. of Stationary Blade (pcs.) 2 2 2 2 2
Rotor Speed (R.P.M) 566 534 692 626 582
Screen Mesh Dia. (mm), i.e. Granulated Size (Bottle/Preform) 8mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 12mm
Granulating Capacity (Kg/Hr) 110-310 220-550 230-650 300-900 400-1200
Granule Bin Size (cm) 45x35x35 48x45x39 65x58x46 68x62x49 84x81x50
Overall Size (cm) 65x99x137 89x114x149 97x118x168 136x126x181 142x160x206
Weight (kg) 550 900 1500 2000 2700


  • Stainless steel for blades and sift.

  • SLN20D & SLN50D are equipped with caster.

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