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2/28/2019 11:08:29 PM By charmdateyok
To whom it may concern,

I am an RMIT student working on a research by using a simulation
software BLOWVIEW developed by the IMI/NRC to find the optimum
processing condition of a 40-g preform to create a 2-L beverage bottle.
the material used for the bottle is PET 9921 W and the production method
is a single-stage process. i managed to found a literature related with
my research of the processing condition using a single-stage Husky
IndexSB stretch blow molding machine. Unfortunately, it is only for a
32-g preform shampoo bottle. I would highly appreciate if anybody can
provide me with useful information regarding my research. Some of the
key process conditions information that i wish to ask you are :

1. How long is the cycle time process required ?
2. Thermal conditioning of the temperature preform profile during the
injection process and prior to the blow station process ?
3. What is the optimum stretch rod speed ?
4. What is the Pre-blow pressure ?
5. What is the High-blow pressure ?
6. How long is the Pre-blow time ?
7. How long is the High-blow time ?

I really look forward for your reply regarding these matters. Suppose
there are questions that is unclear please do not hesitate to contact
me, i will elaborate my questions in detail.


7/9/2010 3:51:58 PM By Abdul Latief Hasan

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