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VS2200/VS4000 Stretch Blow Molding Machine

H.S.Code: 8477300000

PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine model VS2200, VS4000

  • Preform conveyor equipped with sliding wheels, precise orientation, stable and reliable.
  • Operation panel by touch LCD, friendly interface and easy operation.
  • Layered preform heating system, easy temperature regulation, uniform heating effect to improve blow molding result to the utmost.
  • 5-point double toggle clamping unit by optimized design for higher clamping force and speed.
  • Low power consumption while long service life.
  • Control panel adopts touch LCD, easy operation with friendly interface.
Typical Features

Toggle Clamping
Toggle Mechanism of PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine model VS2200, VS4000

5-Point Double Toggle Clamping device in optimized design with high clamping force, fast speed and long life span.

Ventilation Duct
Ventilation of PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine model VS2200, VS4000

Hot air from heating zones goes outdoor with ventilation speed controlled by computer improves indoor working condition.

Up-sideward Cover
Cover of PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine model VS2200, VS4000

All upper covers can be lifted up-sideward when doing services to avoid mess, save space and keep site organized.

Valves of PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine model VS2200, VS4000

High pressure valve PARKER and low pressure valve FESTO guarantee machine reliable performance. FESTO swing valve controls perform feed-in and bottle take-out.

PLC of PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine model VS2200, VS4000

MITSUBISHI Controller with touch on screen for easy operation.
MITSUBISHI Frequency Converters are used for control speed of preform loading and air exhausting.

Sliding Wheel

Sliding Wheel Preforms Feeder feed preforms precisely and moving smoothly.


8 modules are installed on the machine to regulate and feedback the temperature on multiple heating sections for different preform design to have better bottle formation.

Model VS2200 VS4000 VS25
General Real Output 0.5L Water: 2200 BPH
2.0L Water: 1800 BPH
0.5L Water: 4000 BPH
2.0L Water: 3400 BPH
3.0L Water: 1400BPH
5.0L Water: 1300BPH
Number of Mold Cavity 2 Cavity 4 Cavity 2 Cavity
Bottle Volume 0.2 ~ 2.25 Litre 0.2 ~ 2.25 Litre 0.5~5.0 Litre
Outer Neck Diameter Dia. 15-40 mm Dia. 15-40 mm Dia.28~55 mm
Bottle Diameter <=105 mm <=105 mm <=Dia.180mm
Bottle Height 60~350 mm 60~350 mm 60~350 mm
Cooling Water Water Pressure 3~5 Bar 3~5 Bar 3~5 Bar
Water Temperature 10-12 0C 10-12 0C 10-12 0C
Water Flow 30 Litre/min. 60 Litre/min. 40 Litre/min.
Air Driving Air 7 Bar, 1.4 m3/min. 7 Bar, 2.2 m3/min. 7 Bar, 1.5 m3/min.
Blowing Air 35 Bar, 2.5 m3/min. 35 Bar, 4.0 m3/min. 35 Bar, 5.0 m3/min.
Power Total Power 43 Kw 85 Kw 41 Kw
Heating Power 40 Kw 80 Kw 40 Kw
Machine Dimension 2.8x1.8x2.2 m (Host)
2.3x1.2x2.45 (Autoloader)
3.8x2.0x2.2 m (Host)
2.3x1.2x2.45 (Autoloader)
2.6x2.3x2.4 m (Host)
2.3x1.2x2.45 (Autoloader)
Weight 2800 kgs (Host)
500 kgs (Autoloader)
3900 kgs (Host)
500 kgs (Autoloader)
3300kgs (Host)
500kgs (Autoloader)

P.S. Both models can be modified for hot fill bottle making, but output half.
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